“This isn’t your typical blog…” All blogs are your typical blogs. But this one is special to us, like an ugly baby, it’s our baby.

We’re on a mission. At each step in our collective journey, we’ve seen this same seemingly small problem: no one along the food supply chain is equipped for communication and no step is easy because of it. The only people who are worse at picking up a phone than a farmer is a chef. And vice versa. We’ve all seen how everyone has tools for just about everything: from planting seeds, watering, growing, harvesting to chopping, roasting, plating, and eating. But there are no great tools for finding what ingredients one needs.

So we started at the source. Farmers are drastically under prepared for getting orders for their crops. It starts with basic but often missed questions like: What should I grow? Who wants it? How do I find him/her? Then how do I make sure they keep coming back? Every single business owner who started a food business didn’t do so because they were passionate about the ordering process. They love the food that they want to make, and so do we.

It doesn’t matter if you’re growing beets, brewing beer, baking bread, raising beef, or beating butter you have to make sure you keep getting orders to keep your favorite food fresh.

So we set off on a mission. To build and provide a simple system that works regardless of product, place, size, or price. To create communities around successes and support around stumbles. To simplify ordering, marketing and communication for purveyors who sometimes have a hard time even smiling. To make it easy for a chef to find out who has what she’s looking for and just be able to get it when she wants it. To help an industry rebound from a global pandemic. To find better food.

We don’t know what we’re doing. No one has ever done this before. But we’re going to do it and we’ll share a little bit of our favorites parts with you here. From dirt to diner. Not everyone likes to read these days. Not everyone cares about the story of where their food comes from, and they don’t always need to. This isn’t for those people.

It’s for the passionate food industry men and women that we meet all the time. They never seem to be Insta-influencers, media gurus, or PBS stars, so their stories aren’t widely shared. Their hard work is hardly noticed and widely underappreciated. So, here are their stories.

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