MetaCarbon Organic Farm on regenerative farming, community and partnership.

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The mission behind MetaCarbon Organic Farm is more than just growing great produce. 

“We see the brokenness in the food system. Conventional farming isn’t going to be able to feed everyone and it’s damaging the environment.

We want to build a more robust local food system, making our local area more food secure and creating a long lasting community relationship around food.” 

MetaCarbon Organic Farm partner Shea Terlip

The organic farm’s five partners, Hardy, Shea, Kevin, Shane & Keith, are in their first harvest season but have worked toward this goal for the past 10 years. They understand just how hard it is for young people to break into the industry. “It’s the idea that if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far go together,” said partner Hardy Ball. 

They’re at the forefront of the regenerative farming movement. MetaCarbon is already an organically certified farm, but advanced to Regenerative Organic Certification because organic certification has been weakened to allow non-organic practices.

“The organic certification just doesn’t feel like it’s enough. Someone blew my mind when they said sustainability is just treading water.

Regeneration just became the central tenet of all of our personal feelings and desire to do better here. The more I’ve learned about it- building soil and increasing the microbial composition to change the tough Colorado clay into something more forgiving- it’s been exciting to see even the changes we’ve made in a short amount of time.”   

MetaCarbon Organic Farm partner Hardy Ball

The topsoil farmers depend on is disappearing quickly. Regenerative Farming works to improve the soil, not degrade it, resulting in nutrient rich produce. Soil Health improves and biodiversity increases because no GMOs or synthetic chemical fertilizers are used. Animal welfare and social fairness for workers is also central to the regenerative certification. 

At their location just north of Boulder, CO MetaCarbon grows a wide variety of produce, edible flowers and a Red Bordeaux wheat crop for Moxie Bread Co. They regularly host Farm to Fork dinners. Expansion plans for the future include a 14 acre Silvopasture system that integrates animal grazing into wooded areas of the farm. 

“We see people caring more about where their food comes from and cooking for themselves,” said Terlip. “We hope the winds of change continue. We want to get young people excited. We want to bring in young people, give them the opportunity to learn and become an equity partner.” 

If you’re interested in becoming involved MetaCarbon is actively looking for proposals for bee-keeping and animal husbandry projects. They welcome volunteers who want to learn, whether it’s for a morning or a season.

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Right now you can taste MetaCarbon’s hard work at Frasca Food & Wine, Corrida, and Santo restaurants which are all located in Boulder, CO. Explore their products on ToMarket

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