We’ve seen this industry from every side, and no one loves any of it for the paperwork. We’re all here because we’re passionate about our product. Whether that’s a farmer making the best produce she can, a chef turning it into the best dish she can, or a brewer, baker, chocolatier, coffee roaster, distiller, butcher or bartender. ToMarket knows that buying local breaks downs to the price of the product less just as much as the cost of figuring it out. We’re here to keep your hands in your food and out of your office.

We’re a group of industry professionals who are tired of the “the way it’s always been.” In this industry that comes with a lot of baggage: misogyny, substance abuse, work addiction, mental and even physical violence. We can’t change everything. But we can change how hard it is to find what products you need to make the best food.

In a world where everything is changing every week, but people stay the same. ToMarket is on a mission to stabilize just a small part of the big picture, but a large pain in everyone’s collective ass.